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Oh, these jaw-dropping ball point pen illustrations that we love so much! We are proud to publish our interview with the great illustrator Helena Hauss, who tames the simple ball point pen and creates these wonderful art pieces! Enjoy:)

What do you look for in in other artists’s artworks, what is the key that triggered your imagination?

The artists I love tend to have the same qualities to their artworks, even if the style might be really different. I tend to like artists who are able to create realistic works while at the same time keeping their own distinctive style in the way they draw. Some artworks might be extremely lifelike, but if you don’t see the artist behind it, it just doesn’t do anything for me. I really like  Hope Gangloff’s work, whom I discovered recently. She is able to capture everyday situations with a mixture of realism and dreamlike fantasy that I just love. It’s almost like what she is painting/drawing is not the reality but rather like memories….some things, objects, colors are their, and some are not. It’s really selective : Just like memory. Also, my favorite artists are David and Van Gogh, and I think they embody perfectly what I like about art. Rigor and Madness.

Do you use photos as models for your illustrations?

I always use photos. I find that when you work from imagination, you don’t get to capture all those details that make something lifelike, such as the way someone might lean when they stand, curve their back, or tilt their head a certain way. The first artist I ever liked was Norman Rockwell. As a kid, trying to learn how to draw, I discovered that he used photographs as models for his art, so growing up, that’s how I did it too.

What should we expect to see from you in the nearest future?

I’m just beginning as an illustrator, but it recently came to my attention that I might also be able to expose my work some day. However I don’t see that happening with most of my current work, except a few maybe. So I’ll be doing more realistic personal work in the future, on big format, and also try out different mediums, like color pencils. I love color pencils !

Can you share with us recent events/things/people that influenced you?

I’m constantly influenced by the world that surrounds me, my friends, my boyfriend, my family….everyday events is what triggers me. Just Life. Graphically, I have a fetish for patterns and typography. I absolutely love drawing clothing with prints or writing on it, or books and magazines. 

When and how did you find out that people are cruel?

I might be naive, but I really don’t think people are cruel. Psychopath and people with mental problems aside, I really think everybody has their own point of view and their own backstory that can explain why they might act in a way that can seem cruel. I do think people can be  ignorant, angry, close-minded, or socially awkward and that it may cause them to act cruelly, we’ve all abused and been abused a little at some point, but I don’t think the intention was ever pure cruelty. I think that when you understand that the world seems a much more trustworthy place.

And our special question. Imagine that you are sweets, what kind would it be and why?:)

I asked this to my boyfriend and he immediately said a “tête-brulée”. This literally means Hot-head, it’s a french candy that first tastes really bad, stings and burns…..but after a minute or two actually has the best taste ever. I think he meant to say that… I’m a bit of a challenge.

Thank you dear Helena!

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